Tap Water Saves You Money

Tap is great!

The simplest reason to drink from the tap instead of bottled water is because you can save a lot of money. Tap water costs the average person only pennies. You can get around 200 liters of tap water for one euro. In comparison, mineral water is much more expensive, and you can only get five liters of it for a euro. A lot of people say they prefer mineral water because it’s better, but that’s not true! Tap water is the most strictly controlled food or drink in Germany, and is routinely inspected for quality in a way that mineral water is not!

How much money can I save by drinking tap?

Let’s do the math. A family of four who drink 1.5 liters a day each for 365 days a year, needs about 2190 liters of water each year. Because you can get tap water for half a cent per liter, the cost of water each year would be 11 euros a year. In comparison, if they drank only mineral water, then they would spend 1095 euros on water a year for really cheap bottled water – for a common brand (50 Cents a bottle). Thus, a shared flat with 4 people could save 1000 euro a year. A family with one kid – we will save you the math – can save around 800 euros. ​

Good things to do with the saved money

By drinking tap, you can save hundreds of euros, which can go into anything! You can do a bike trip around Europe, plant trees, put the money to your savings, or donate for a cause that you wanted to support all your life. I personally would choose to purchase a Märkische Kiste.* It contains a lot of local and bio veggies delivered straight to your door! It is a good way to continue your eco-friendly streak and build up positive eco-karma!
So let’s be cheap and save the world together!


Carolina O’Bresly, intern from Dickinson College (USA) at a tip: tap. ​

*This blog post is written without any communication with or help from Märkische Kiste